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Tips for Preparing to Adopt a Rescue Pet

Pets do not take much time to become essential family members and bond with their adoptive families. As most are social creatures, they will easily come to appreciate your company and meet you as you come home from work and be glad to stay with you when you are feeling down.

Adopting a regular pet while young is easy, but adopting a rescue pet may be slightly different. Notwithstanding, the impact of the pet on your life and the lives of those you live with will not be any less memorable.

·      The Shelter Will Help You Find a Good Fit


Pets have different personalities and preferences for quality of life, just like humans do. The shelter will take time to know who you are, what kind of family you have, and the lifestyle you want to live and provide for your new family member. Some organizations promote approaches that help future pet owners find the right fit.

·      It Saves Money


Adopting a rescue pet usually means you will spend a lot less than having a puppy from a breeder. Usually, the shelter will cover medical costs to help prepare your pet for life outside. To prepare a pet, it must have the proper vaccinations, spaying and neutering, parasite treatments, and preventions. All these help ensure that your pet is safe outside the shelter and that it does not have anything that may spread to other pets.

·      Training and Support


Some organizations that promote the adoption of rescue pets usually offer behavioral support to new pet owners. This great initiative helps future pet parents feel more secure when they adopt a pet.

Moreover, they may negotiate with your landlord to help ensure your transition with your new friend is smooth. They also provide food and clinic visits if the cost of managing your new pet is too high.

For local training, we recommend Animal Smart Training where a well-behaved dog is just a phone call away. Please see their website for more information.

How to Prepare


·      Cultivate Patience


Your home, the new people, and the environment will be overwhelming for your pet. Giving your new friend time is crucial when adjusting to the new environment and family. Once your pet becomes familiar with everything, it will quickly shift from uncertainty to joy.

·      Pet-proof Your Home


By pet-proofing your home, you will be taking steps to ensure that your pet will not cause any unexpected or unpleasant damage, like ripping or eating through books. Pet proofing also means taking measures to keep your pet safe in your home. Pets can get curious when they are alone, so preparing your home so that they feel free enough to explore without causing self-harm is an excellent step.

·      Routine Is Key


Quickly establish a routine for your pet as soon as you get home over the next few days. Pets associate the routine with security and certainty, helping them become calm and adjust faster. A routine will involve set feeding times and walks along designated routes in the evening or morning.

For more tips for preparing to adopt a rescue pet, visit Animal Hospital of Padre Island at our Corpus Christi, Texas, office. Call (361) 949-8200​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ to schedule an appointment today.

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