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Should I Board My Pet While I'm Away for the Holidays?

Knowing where to leave your pet while you go on vacation can be a big struggle. Searching for someone who can take care of your pet and cater to his or her needs while you’re away is not an easy task. There are boarding facilities that can give your pet the care it needs, and you can travel assured that your pet is in the right hands. Boarding your pet at Animal Hospital of Padre Island is a great way to relax while you go on vacation.




The biggest concern you can have while away from your pet is whether they are safe. Knowing your pet has someone looking after them and giving them the right living conditions is the best assurance. Boarding facilities in Corpus Christi like Animal Hospital of Padre Island are keen to keep your pet away from harmful things. 


Friends and family may have the best intention of caring for your pet, but oftentimes, their houses aren’t equipped to be 100% pet-proof. Pet boarding services are specialized in keeping pets under constant supervision. You can rest assured that your pet is safe.




Having someone come over to check on your pet while on holiday does not mean your pet will get his or her food and water at the right time. The caregiver may forget their duty or have plans and make your pet go for an extended period without food and water.


Doing so can be detrimental to your pet’s health. When your pet gets boarded, you will not have to worry about their feeding schedule. Boarding facilities have dedicated staff who ensure pets eat food and drink water at the right time.


Health Complications


You may be concerned about your pet if they have a health problem, so having someone who is not a professional care for them may not be well advised. Your pet may need medication a couple of times a day, and leaving someone besides professional caregivers to take care of them may affect their health.


At a boarding facility, you can be sure that your pet will receive their medication at the right time and be monitored constantly.




Pet boarding facilities give pets comparable exercise to what you give your pet while at home. Your pet will be happier doing the same activities they are used to doing with you, such as going for walks, playtime, and fetch. Leaving your pet under someone else’s supervision can mean no exercise, making the pet restless and inactive.


How to Choose the Best Pet Boarding Service


Choosing a good boarding facility is very crucial. Below are a few factors you need to take into consideration:


  • Visit the boarding facility – Pay the facility a physical visit to know if the premises are safe and clean for your pet

  • Get the vet contact information – Enquire if the veterinarian is on call for your peace of mind

  • Know about their additional services – Some boarding facilities offer services such as pet spas. You may want to give your pet a pampering treatment while you’re away

  • Learn about their health requirements – It is crucial to ask whether they vaccinate their pets and if sick pets mix with healthy ones

  • Converse with the staff – Create a relationship with the boarding facility workers and make your needs known to them to travel confidently, knowing that your pet is okay and happy


For more on boarding your pet, contact Animal Hospital of Padre Island at our office in Corpus Christi, Texas. You can call us at 361-949-8200 to book an appointment today.

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