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8 Reasons Grooming Is Essential for Pets

The American Animal Hospital Association stresses the importance of regular grooming for pets. This activity should be a regular practice between you and your pet. Grooming provides more benefits than keeping your pet clean and attractive. Here are eight reasons for seeing grooming as an essential part of pet care.


1. It Strengthens Your Bond

Taking the time to groom your pet is an optimal opportunity to bond. Your pet feels closer to you. Constant physical contact makes your pet feel safe and secure in your home. Grooming can also be a fun activity. It is a time when you can give treats and do some training time. This can show your pet even more affection.


2. It Removes Unwanted Debris and Particles

Grooming with quality pet grooming products can remove excess oil, dirt, and old hair. This helps refresh your pet. It also keeps your pet’s skin clean. Regular grooming can free your pet’s skin of contaminants that can cause bumps and irritation. 


3. It Prevents Matting

Tangles and matted fur can cause pain to your pet. The clumped fur will serve as an ideal environment for ticks and fleas. These external parasites can cause huge problems to your pet’s health and well-being. Regular grooming can make your pet’s fur undesirable as a breeding ground.


4. It Makes Your Home Smell and Look Better

Particulates, loose hair, and dandruff can become sticky and stinky. They make your pet smell undesirable. A smelly pet can make your home smelly as well. Regular grooming can remove these unwanted components from your pet’s fur. This can help keep both your pet and home smelling and looking good.


5. It Is a Sanitary Practice

Cleaning your dog’s underbelly and private parts can be good for your pet’s well-being and hygiene. Trimming the fur around your pet’s private parts can prevent them from soaking in urine. This will keep your pet fresh and free from infections. Regular grooming can prevent your floors and furniture from stains.


6. It Makes Your Pet Feel Comfortable and Happy

Pets with long or double coats of fur tend to overheat right away. Matting develops as well. This will make your pet irritable and unhappy. Grooming keeps your pet’s fur clean. It can also keep your pet’s skin well-ventilated. Your pet will always feel better with regular trimming and cleaning. Be sure to form a regular schedule for your pet’s grooming to maintain your pet’s pleasant behavior.


7. It Allows you to Inspect Your Pet’s Body and Skin

Regular grooming allows inspection of your pet’s body and skin. This allows for more of a chance to catch any abnormality, such as bumps, lumps, or wounds that are not visible because of the fur. Most of these bulges are benign. Others may be signs of diseases, cancer, or infections. Knowing they are there will allow you to set an appointment with your veterinarian after grooming.


8. It Prevents Paw Pain and Paw Pad Damage

Full grooming includes nail trimming. Some pets need regular nail trimming. Unmaintained nails can grow into the paw pad. This can result in tears that can become infected over time. These overgrown nails can make walking and standing painful as well.

The mentioned reasons make grooming important for your pet’s general health. At Animal Hospital of Padre Island, we advise our pet parents on how to keep their fur kids healthy and happy. Please visit our facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, for a one-on-one consultation. Call 361-949-8200 to set an appointment or inquire about our pet grooming service packages.

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