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10 Hurricane Safety Tips for Pets

When preparing for an impending hurricane, it is important to take a moment to review the top safety tips for pets. Leaving your pet out of your hurricane preparedness and evacuation plans can put you, your pet, and first responders at risk.


Some of the most important safety tips include:


Have a Safety Plan


It is important to have a smart safety plan you can initiate at a moment’s notice and stick to. This includes preparing enough emergency supplies for at least one week in case you have to evacuate. Changing your plan or your mind at the last moment can lead to unnecessary problems, which may put you and your pet in real danger.


Do Not Assume Your Pet Will Swim


Just because people call it a doggy paddle does not mean that all dogs can swim well. Most pets are not good swimmers. To keep your pet safer, keep him or her in a carrier during transport. If you choose to ride out the storm at home, confine your pet indoors in a safe place or room.


Ensure Your Pet Has Updated Identification


In an emergency, an ID tag on your pet’s collar or a microchip implanted beneath the skin can be a lifesaver. Ideally, you should use both forms of identification since an ID tag can fall off during the chaos.


Prepare a Pet Emergency Kit


Some items to include in the pet emergency kit include enough food, water, and medication for at least one week. It should also have a pet first aid kit, pet carrier, comfort items, poop bags, extra leash, photos of your pet for easy identification in case they get lost, and more.


Choose a Designated Caregiver


If you are unable to care for your pet or take him or her with you for one reason or another, you need to have a list of safe places to take them before the storm hits. Talk to your relatives, friends, veterinarian, or pet boarding facilities.


Place a Filled-Out Pet Emergency Sticker Outside Your Front Door


In addition to placing this sticker outside your home’s door, you need to keep a card with the same information in your wallet. If you need rescuing, the information in the emergency sticker and card will alert first responders to watch out for any pet trapped in your home.


Ensure Your Pet Is Current on All Vaccinations


Hurricanes force wild animals into places they normally would not be. Your pet may encounter these animals which could be carriers of dangerous diseases. Your pet could also develop infections due to bacteria in floodwater and puddles.


Know How to Get to Pet-Friendly Shelters


Do research ahead of time to find out where all the pet-friendly emergency shelters are and how to get to them quickly. If you don’t find any, it’s important to make other arrangements ahead of time.


Do Not Ignore Evacuation Warnings


You need to follow the hurricane’s progress and stay tuned to breaking news about the storm. If the authorities issue an evacuation warning, you need to do so immediately. Do not leave your pets behind, tethering them somewhere to prevent them from running off. This is very dangerous for the pet’s safety.


Stay Calm


Whether you choose to ride out the storm at home or need to evacuate, try your best to stay calm to prevent your pet from panicking. You may be experiencing a chaotic time, but your pet is likely also experiencing a sense of panic and chaos as well.


For more hurricane safety tips for your pet, call us at Animal Hospital of Padre Island in Corpus Christi, Texas at 361-949-8200 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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